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What is Interactive Marketing?

Put simply, Interactive Marketing is marketing that takes place on the internet.  Like traditional marketing, there are many facets to Interactive Marketing.  Generally speaking, there are four main areas of Interactive Marketing:


Websites - Your presence on the web.  Your site says much about your company or organization.  It can reassure people that you can do what you say you can do, or if poorly executed, can actually work to drive customers away from you. Click on the word 'Websites' above to learn more.


Search Engine Optimization - SEO is what you do to make you site rank high in the search engine results pages.  There are many techniques to effective SEO, and many pitfalls that might get the unwary optimizer's site banned completely from the search engines.  Click on the 'Search Engine Optimization' link to learn more.


Internet Advertising - Once you've built and optimized your website, you'll still want to advertise your company to drive visitors to your website.  Internet Advertising can do this via Pay-Per-Click, Contextual, or Display advertising.  Click the 'Internet Advertising' link to learn more.


Social Media - The most recently evolved of the Interactive Marketing channels, Social Media is also the most misunderstood channel.  Click the 'Social Media' link to demystify this channel and to see if Social Media is something you should add to your overall marketing mix.